How to take better photos...

purse tutorial

Great Photos = Increased traffic and more sales!

Whether you blog about crafts for fun or in order to increase traffic over to our shops or even sell directly,  it's important to learn how to take great photos. Photos that are in focus and well lit will make people click to find out more and give people confidence in your product.  (you can find a free tutorial to make the purse above here by the way - coin purse tutorial )

Blog readers and online shoppers often see just an image, a snippet of text and a title.  The images we add are a way of saying "come on in, it's great in here".  I love to look around a blog with great images, they really ping out here in my bloggy sidebars, making visitors click.

Basic Product Photography Tips

I'm a passionate photographer and I have written my own product photography tips a few years ago in this series of posts on product photography

I want to improve my own skills too and with groups like craftlinks as well as the cbuk flickr group - there's a great opportunity for collecting together tips from across the net and creating a definitive guide, covering all sorts of aspects of taking pictures of your crafts.

Can you help?
Please would you take a few minutes to let me know any issues you have with taking pics of your crafts or for your blog.  I'm going to spend a while working out some post titles and your feedback and suggestions would be really helpful.

x Hilary :) .