Craft Fair Display Tips and Ideas

Gorgeous little zip purse - I used to sell these at craft fairs, all made from cute fabrics -  I've written a free online tutorial here, it's really easy to follow - zip purse tutorial
A great big list of ideas for setting up your craft fair display!

The excitement of selling at a real life craft fair was was one of the reasons I became really hooked on craft and being involved with the crafting community, with Etsy and Folksy - selling face to face is a great feeling and it's a great place to give out business cards with your blog address!

I spent ages preparing my craft stall and arranging my display!  When I was writing for Folksy, I wrote a series of posts called 'craft fair secrets', looking at various of aspects of how to sell a craft fair.  None was more popular at the time than the huge list of websites I put together containing craft fair display ideas and craft fair advice - it took ages to find all these great websites! In case you missed it first time, here's an updated and tidied up version of my original list of craft market display ideas  (love my lists!)

You may need a few weeks to look through all these, but you will probably find some lovely handmade sites while you're at it! :)

I've also just written a book which is available in September 2014! It's called - "Online Marketing for Your Craft Business: How to get your handmade products discovered, shared and sold on the internet" you can pre-order on Amazon now.

Craft Fair Advice : 

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