Should you add your blog to Kindle?

Which book shall I read next - SOLD!!

It takes 5 minutes to add your blog to Amazon's Kindle, but is it a good idea?

I must confess I don't actually have a Kindle, I haven't quite got past the 'but it's not a beautiful book' mentality and I have trouble keeping my blackberry safe from sticky fingers, scratches and being chewed by my puppy! However there are a growing number of people using Kindles.  The Kindle is also coming down in price as well as being promoted and sold in supermarkets (in my local tesco there is a huge wall of them just opposite the loo roll!).  By Christmas there may be alot more people not only looking for gorgeous Kindle covers  but also looking for stuff to fill up their new kindles with! (NB crafty readers - I found this great Kindle Cover Tutorial )

Has anyone had any real success with Kindle publishing so far, it's been around for a while now - will it make us all rich? - What do you think? I would love to hear your experiences and questions, so do add a comment below. 

Kindle Publishing for Blogs

At the moment all of the content that you offer on your blog is free, adding your blog to Amazon will probably not result in you being able to retire early as the average cost of a blog is £1.99 per month and alot of that gets swallowed up by Amazon, but it is another way for people to hear about you and your craft blog. It's easy to sign up, you just need to fill in a simple form.

As with your social media activity and other online promotion, adding your blog to Amazon is yet another way for you to be found on google, Amazon is a well trusted site so google will most likely bring it's results up in the rankings.  You can also ask friends to give you the thumbs up and share your Amazon blog link on networks or blog sidebars. Maybe you could arrange a swap with some of your blogging pals. If nothing else it will give your blog a little extra gravitas and is a good opportunity to 're-kindle' interest in your posts. (excuse the pun!)

I decided to add the publisher name, the "by ..." beneath the title, as my web address ( that way people who do come across my blog through Amazon know where to find me. I don't think this will affect sales, as kindle readers would still have to buy the blog subscription to read it on kindle - even the Kindles with browsers are very slow according to this video I found - this may change of course and the whole subscription thing will then be a waste of time anyway. (This was a cunning after thought of mine so you can't see this in the screen shot).  To add your own blog go to Kindle Publishing for Blogs

Make sure you use lots of juicy keywords in your descriptions and tags!

Kindle Direct Publishing

It's also well worth having a look at the Kindle Direct Publishing if you are a budding blogger / writer, especially if you have lots of tutorials that you could offer as an e-book. Take a look at this video for a step by step guide to publishing your very own ebook which will be for sale on Amazon.  I'm going to be looking at writing my own ebook soon, I'll keep you updated and let you know all the ins and outs of making it a success and where and how I decide to publish it (fingers crossed!)

 Thanks for reading - please join in this discussion by adding a comment below :)