New Clean design

Sign out and sign back in to your blogger dashboard and you'll be getting the brand new dashboard.  You also need to be in 'blogger in draft' mode to see it so scroll to the bottom of your dashboard and click on blogger in draft under resources if you don't already have this as default.

My first impressions are it looks a bit naked, they're using the same minimalist design that google have begun using across all their services but with a splash of orange - I think I really like it though, I always thought the old dashboard was a bit old fashioned.

The main change is just layout of the navigation - which so far looks really user friendly.  Also the addition of stats to the post views which is great.  I'll be interested to see if it makes life a little easier for us bloggers - change is usually good but it always takes a little getting used to! :)

What do you think of it? 

Submit your UK Craft Blog! x Hilary :) .