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Are you bored of your blog - is it a bit drab, or maybe you have tweaked it so much it's just way too busy? Maybe a quick makeover and an updated blog theme is all you need to get motivated, blog more often and reap the benefits of more happy visitors to your site.  You wont find many (if any!) great bloggers that will deny that the most important part of a blog is the content.  However, getting the right styling and look to your blog is also a crucial part of your marketing tool kit.  You want people to really enjoy it visually and allow it to compliment your style of content and your business.  Shabby Chic, vintage, kawaii or super sophisticated, your blog is a great way to show off your own unique style.

The easist way to makeover your blog is to use bloggers very own 'blogger in draft' template editor.  If there's not enough of a selection there for you and you want some nice gadgets like sliders and social media widgets already in place then there are plenty of free ready made blog templates that can be easily uploaded to your blog in a few minutes. I've created a selection of websites below that have various lists of blog themes. I'll try and update this as I find more great blogspot themes collections.

How to download a blogspot template:

The most important thing to remember when uploading a new theme is to download a copy of the old one first just to be on the safe side. To download your template open up your blogger dashboard.  Click on the 'template' option and then scroll right down to the foot of this page where you are given the option to backup or restore your template.  Make sure that you name your template something relevant rather than the default file name - I usually use something like "Template Craft Blog July 2011" .  That way I can always find them quickly if I need them.  It's a good idea to regularly save your template if like me you like to tweak and customise your blog!

Where to find great new blogger templates

Directories and lists of blogspot themes - just a few of the thousands available on the net!

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