Google+ Do you need an invite?

butterfly yarn bowl

Hello All,

Someone was kind enough to invite me to Google+ last week, so let me know if you need an invite, google+ - yet another place to network and promote your crafts and blog posts. ( it's growing by millions daily!) - just email me and I'll send an invite to your email, then once you are on you can email all of your friends too.

Google + in case you haven't already heard is Google's new social media service, a challenger to facebook and twitter that's currently full to the brim with lots of people like me who like talking about social media for hours on end! I'm missing my crafty buddies though - it's all Zuckerburg and no Allsopp at the moment, so if you are already on there come and find me and if not email me! I'm registered as Hilary Pullen

If you are wondering what Google + is all about and want to know how to use it, take a look at this very easy to understand post from Emma Cossey - Google + guide for newbies she's a bit of an expert social butterfly and a great addition to my new g+ circles!

I'd love to get some craft blog uk huddles and hangouts going on soon, exciting - let me know what your initial reactions are, either here or over at G+ :)

Submit your UK Craft Blog! x Hilary :) .