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Red harvest
Red Harvest by Paul Steven Bailey via Craft Blog UK Flickr Group

Guest post from Nicole of Crafty Base
Hi Craft Blog UK blog readers. My name is Nicole, and I’ve created a new crafting organiser website called Craftybase. I’m looking for a small group of dedicated crafters to try it out and tell me what they think about it before I officially launch it. 

You can see a couple of screenshots on the front page of the site here: - basically Craftybase allows you to track your projects, stock levels, inventory, sales and purchases. For starters, we've linked up with Etsy so that you can instantly import all your listings, sales and purchases.

We are running a beta preview for the next couple of weeks and trying to improve the site as much as we can based on the feedback from our beta group - so we want people to be as constructively critical about the site as they possibly can. Suggestions for new features are very welcome also - essentially this is an ideal time to help guide what Craftybase should ultimately become.

I'd really like a good mix of people that specialise in different crafts so that we can see how the site can cater for each different discipline, so if anyone is interested in helping out that would be great!
To sign up you’ll need to use the secret beta code “bobbin” or you can use this direct link if you like:

Many thanks in advance!

Thanks Nicole! Looking forward to hearing how this great service gets on especially once you are able to use it with other market places too!

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