Craft Blog Flickr Competition Winners! Birds of a Feather?

The Duck King

Line of Goosies

Flickr Competitions Winners!

It was a battle of the birds in this months Flickr comp - both of these images received 11 votes each (I checked 3 times!) so congratulations to

Sweet Nothings with 'The Duck King' 


Gretel Parker with 'Line of Goosies'

The images and their owners blog links will now be proudly displayed in our winners gallery thread as well as on the front page of the flickr group for a month until we have a winner for next months comp!
(please ask permission if you would like to share these images to your own blog)

Sweet Nothings blogs over at and Gretel Parker can be found at .Please head over and have a nose around these great blogs - especially if you love needlefelting, both of these ladies are a dab hand!

I'll be posting early next week with details of next months comp.  I've been really thrilled with the level of engagement in this first competition, thanks to everyone who shared the link to the thread and the post. I've been tweeting and facebooking about it lots too, so I hope that it's given a little boost in views to everybody that enetered. The flickr group has certainly jumped in memebership, we've had around 100 new members in the last few weeks *grin* lets hope we can find another 100 next month (that's my subtle code for tell all your friends about the group by the way!)

Don't forget to check out -  'best of CBuk flickr group' It's a real feast for the eyes!
x Hilary :)

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