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Three birds Lino Print
Three birds Lino Print - Mangle prints

Hello Crafty Bloggers!

The directory lists are slowly taking shape with the new descriptions and images, I've made a start on the papercrafts list - the rest to follow! It's alot of work but it will be worth it, lots more for people to look at than just a link.  All of my blog rolls vanished when I changed to the new domain - so I'm also sorting those out (phew!)  Also I'll be getting started on the first newsetter soon too, just working on a winning format for showing off the best of the new blogs and articles.

Craft Photography Contest - June 2011

I'm getting very distracted with the Craft Blog Flickr group at the moment - you may have noticed my posts have been very Flickr centric recently! I'm inviting new members whenever I see great crafters with blogs and flickr accounts, and it's slowly getting busier, with some really great new members.  Photography + Craft + Blogs - I love it! If you aren't on Flickr, you must open an account and come and join our group, all the best images get tweeted out and a random selection are posted to the Craft Blog Facebook page, so it's a great way for a bit of extra promotion (although remember not to link direct to online shops)

I've just opened up a contest, which I think could be alot of fun and I'm hoping it will get people thinking about what makes a great product shot.  I'd bechuffed if you could all get involved, add your best craft image and then come back and vote at the end of the month.

All the instructions are here in this Flickr discussion, entitled June 2011 - Craft Photography Competition.  The winners image will be posted onto the main page of the Flickr group for everyone to see and will stay for a month as well as being blogged about here! This month I've started late, but hopefully we'll get a few entries!  I've added a direct link to the contest page at the top right, please help by tweeting and facebooking it too once you have entered (thanks!)

It would be great to run some themed contests too in the coming months, so any ideas would be welcome whether they are relevant to the quality of the photography or more about the craft type itself. 

x Hilary :)

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