A great opportunity for craft bloggers

Pretty birdy pincushion

Pretty Birdy Pincushion by Very Berry Handmade - posted to the Crafty bloggers group on flickr

Hello craft bloggers, I wanted to share a great blogging opportunity that Folksy are currently running with you. Recently we (I say we as I edit the Folksy blog) have been posting a series about inspiring people in our lives, with some guest posts from friends of folksy, so far Katy of Creative Boom and Beth the Craft Editor at Oh Comely have both shared some great stories.  Folksy have now invited everyone to get involved!  You can read the post here with all the details - inspiring craft blogs

We'd love to see lots of craft bloggers get involved, it will be a wonderful collection of stories and tales of fascinating people that we we can blog hop through - something to bring all the crafty bloggers together.  Folksy will be tweeting all the posts as will I through my @craftbloguk twitter account.

There will be a follow up post in about 2 weeks with a post highlighting some of the posts and a list of all the others with links, so you have time to think about who you would like to write about - it's a great opportunity to flex your writing skills as well as getting your blog read by some new people.  Challenges like this can really perk up your blog with new followers and lots of comments from all the other bloggers that are getting involved.

Please let me know if you will be joining in - I'll be posting mine soon too.


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