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Just a quickie post today in case you haven't already noticed that facebook launched this fantastic new feature for fan pages last week.

So what you say - why so fantastic? Think again! This is a wonderful opportunity for yet more interaction between your facebook page and your fans and more interaction means more time on peoples facebook streams and more fans (do you see what I'm getting at!)

For example if you make and sell hair accessories encourage your customers to tag your page if that item is being worn at a party for example - all their friends will then know exactly where to find it and buy one.

You could also add tags to get a particular fan pages attention - I'd beware of spamming by adding too many tags but done subtley and not too often it could be a great way to get a certain magazine or blog to notice you!

Can you think of any other ways you could use photo tagging of pages? 

The exact details of the new feature from facebook can be found here


Hilary :)

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