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Scroll down to find a list of the best craft groups on Flickr!  I recently sung the praises of Flickr and what a great place to get your work and your blog seen.  With each image of your work you upload remember to follow these tips to help your work and your blog to be found and shared.

  • Add an interesting title
  • Add tags to allow your pictures to be found
  • Add a description as you can fill this with keywords to further help your images get found
  • Add a link to a blog post with more about the work
  • Add your image to lots of relevant groups - use the shortcut key 'g' to bring up a list of the groups you are already a member of to quickly add your image to lots of groups at the same time.
  • Get involved in a few group discussions if you have the time
  • Add contacts - who are the top contributers to the groups you are in?
List of the best craft groups on Flickr
I'll add to and edit this crafty flickr groups list when I can - please let me know via a comment if you know of a great group you would like me to add to the list.  Make sure you abide by the rules of each group and also remember you cannot use flickr for direct selling, so no links to your shops, just blogs.The list is in no particular order, but be sure to join Craft Blog UK on flickr first!

get crafty!

the love group icon love

Craft Revolution

Craft Blog UK (JOIN TODAY!)
the We Love group icon
We Love

crafts around the world journal

Craft work in progress

I Made it Myself

the Cuteable group iconCuteable

Sew, Mama, Sew!

the Felt Lovers - Crafts & Handmade  group icon
Felt Lovers - Crafts & Handmade

Crazy for Knitting

the UK Handmade Magazine group icon
UK Handmade Magazine

Crafter's Central

I made this


Creative Craft - My Own Design

I love sewing ^_^


crafting world

Beadwork and Jewelry Making

Fabric, Patchwork and Quilting

Fabric Addicts Anonymous

+ Designers ( 设计员,デザイナー )

crafting world

Craft Supplies

Stitched by Hand

Paper Crafting


I'd love to know which is your crafty favourite flickr group and why - please leave a comment!

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