Facebook Page Upgrade!

Hello Everyone, just had to post and ask you...

Have you seen the brand new facebook pages!

Yes this is a facebook page not a profile! (click image to see more clearly) They are just like the new profiles but there's alot more - you can now finally keep up with what people are doing on your page, new likes and interactions.  You can now switch personalities between yourself and your page by clicking on "Use facebook as ..." over on the right hand side.

I'd love to know what you think of them - a bit confusing at first but I think it has to be an improvement if we can now actually be notified of new events on our pages, and those pictures - fantastic for promoting your latest items - great news for crafters!

Here's the link to the update - you don't have to upgrade until March but I'd recommend being ahead of the crowd!

Find out all about new facebook pages and upgrade!  This link has everything you need to know, the upgrade bit is at the bottom, you can also take a tour and see all the changes!  This is probably just the start...  so keep your wits about you and sit down and take a minute to learn what's changed so you can use it to your advantage.

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