Find Followers - Use Twitter Lists

Grow your network and discover people to follow using Twitter Lists...
In my job as a social media manager I look after a number of twitter accounts and have lots of lists for each account. These lists are a useful tool to increase follower numbers and blog readers.  It's time for you to create a few, or follow a few... 

It just takes a click to add someone to a list and if you do this each time you either follow or find a new tweeter that you don't want to follow but would like to keep tabs on it's easily manageable.

Creating twitter lists is simple, no special skills needed whatsoever.  To make a list just click on 'lists' on your twitter home page and click 'create a list' - the instructions are easy to follow. 

Add or remove people from lists by clicking here on their profile

Use Lists to network with targeted people or 'influencers' latest tweets

This is why Twitter created the list feature so use it! Create lists to drown out the noise of all of the people you follow and just focus on a select 'niche' few.  You can even create private lists for example of competitors, and you don't have to follow people to add them to a list.

Lists are a great way to increase followers and  find followers through networking with curated groups of tweeters that share common goals or interests. 

Even simpler than creating a list is finding a list curated by someone else and either following the list or clicking through to 'following' and finding individual people to follow within that list. Click on someones profile and you will see the lists link on the left.  You can see the lists they have created and the lists that they are members of.

Using lists to gain Twitter followers

Following others is a good way of introducing yourself and of course your blog, the idea is they will follow you back. That's not always the case, but sitting back and expecting followers to find you is going to get very boring!

There are three views when you click on a list curated by someone else, tweets, list members and list subscribers.

Clicking on List Members or List Subscribers will give you a list of people with  'follow' buttons beside each name so when you have the time, look through and follow, follow, follow! If the list is in your niche then so are the twitter lists members and subscribers.

Take care not to overdo it or twitter will not be happy and think you are a spammer as well as other people who see your follow/follower ratio.

Network with List Curators

Enjoy your travels on Twitter and use lists to engage with influential people.  It's a great idea to tweet a curator of a list and congratulate them on their list, especially if it's a network that you want to be a part of - the fact they have created a list shows they are passionate about their subject. Include the link and they will probably retweet it, I certainly do (and will continue to do so if you let me know you have added me to a list - I'm @craftbloguk ;)

A list of things to do next:

  1. Create a great twitter list - it doesn't have to be huge, in fact it's far better to be selective so people want to get onto it and you aren't drowned out by too many tweets when you check the twitter list feed.
  2. Tweet and Facebook about it to get followers of your awesome list
  3. Blog about it to get some subscribers of your awesome public lists (your list is fab and needs to be shared!)
  4. Tell people you have added them to your fabulous list
  5. Search for lists, do some list hopping.  I always check lists of influential Twitter users.
  6. Follow, follow, follow and engage with people on like minded lists who will enjoy your blog posts
  7. Tell more people about your 'useful/inspiring/kick ass  (delete as applicable) list...
  8. Become renowned on twitter as an expert in your field by keeping up with fantastic people on your list and retweeting, replying, chatting to list members   ;)
  9. ... and rest :)
You can also use Tweetdeck, Hootsuite, Sprout Social or other Twitter Management tools to keep up to date with multiple lists.

Thanks for reading - back soon with more help for UK Craft Bloggers - please let me know if you want me to blog about something in particular.

x H