I wanted to show you a post that was picked up at Handmade Marketing, something I wrote a few months ago. Please take a look and leave a comment -it's called Engage Blog readers with twitter

Hanmade marketing are always on the lookout for articles so don't be shy in submitting them. It's a great way of increasing views to your blog and it's good to have these back links for seo purposes too.  It's also full of really useful info on all aspects of selling handmade.

CBuk News - Blog Submissions

Thanks so much for all of the recent submissions, I have a backlog of about 60 to add to the directory and they all look great! I write CBuk in my spare time, I have big plans for it to one day make me a million (not sure how so any tips welcomed) but for now it remains a labour of love.

My day job is over at Folksy looking after the Blog and social media and recently I've taken on more work with Folksy, due to some staff changes. It's such a great (and growing) community so I leapt at the chance to get more involved, especially with the forums over there.

Submit your UK Craft Blog and sign up for the newsletter! (but be patient for it to appear - it will probably be Jan 2011!)

x H