Welcome to Scoutle! The free automated social network for bloggers to help find, promote, connect and rate blogs. Finally, get the recognition your blog deserves. 

Sounds exciting doesn't it! I stumbled across Scoutle recently and  I really like the concept, it's still in beta at the moment (that means it's not quite perfected yet) so it will be interesting to see how it develops.  You register your blog and make up a scout, mine are called Mr Craft-Blog and Mr Happy.  The scout wonders around the internet promoting your blog and finding interesting blogs for you.  I'm hoping he'll find me some new UK craft blogs.

It's essentially another social network, but just for bloggers, finding like minded bloggers to befriend through automatic matchmaking.  A blog dating agency if you like!  My account is about an hour old so I haven't had any 'matches' yet - apparently it takes 24 hours.  It will be interesting to see whether it has any effect on my blog traffic - I'll post an update in a few months.  I've added a scoutle 'stage' to this blog (scroll right down to the footer) and to my haptree blog ,  I've also created a Folksy network and a Craft Bloggers network, in the common interest / hobbies and crafts category.  They have 1 member each (me), so if you are already a member or you deside to register please join  :)

 That's all for now on 'Scoutle' until I start to see some results, let me know if you find any interesting blog promotion sites.  I've just applied to be a member of Seeded Buzz, I'll review it if I get accepted - have any of you heard of it?

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