Blogging Tips to Improve your Craft Blog!

Lots and lots of links to follow below containing all of the best posts on Craft Blog UK to help increase views and followers to your craft blog. If you enjoy these posts please share them! You can find CBuk on facebook , on twitter and at Flickr too :)

Perhaps you've just filled up your online shop and now your twiddling your thumbs and looking for a way to promote it! Here is a guide to the nuts and bolts of starting a craft blog (you'll love it, blogging is so much fun!)

Blogger in Draft enables you to change the layout of your blog, footers, 3 columns, side bars with no html whatsoever!  

In this post I share how to promote your Folksy Fridays, Misi Mondays and Etsy Finds as well as how to get a great looking post using the 'haptree mini treasury template' 

Tagging on facebook will mean that your posts reach alot more people (and that's the idea, right!?)

Do you think you are following too many blogs? Never! It's just a case of organising them, don't ever miss out on your favourite blog authors posts again. 

We all get a little bit stuck sometimes when it comes to thinking up ideas for new posts - if you have craft bloggers block or your looking for some new ideas to spice up your blog take a look at these 10 tips!

If you are undecided as to whether to make the leap into the world of blogging then look here for 10 really positive reasons to take the plunge.

The Blog List or Blog Roll is a very straighforward little gadget that can add lots of interest to your blog.  It uses an RSS feed and automatically updates when the blogs you have included have new posts added, but there is a lot more to this basic gadget than you think.

Adding a link/navigation bar to your blog - you know the horizontal bar below your header that helps you sort out all your posts into really cool organised sections - learn how to add this and link to labels within your posts.

Home, Contact, About me get all of those useful tabs on your blog without touching the html template !

@ symbols, hash tags #, follow fridays and how to get more followers!  Twitter can be a real minefield but with this comprehensive guide you'll understand how to use it to your advantage and get more readers to your blog.

Way better than an Etsy Mini in so many ways!  Your stuff scrolling through and clicking direct to your shop and you don't even have to upload all your pics anywhere!  MORE!

Add a lovely background colour to your blog posts - a different colour for every post or just highlight certain areas of your posts to give them more impact - just like I have here!  

Tips from CBuk author haptree  - you need good photos for succesful blogging so here is a link to loads of useful tips to improve your photographs.  

Make a badge for blog swapping and learn how to post the code onto your blog so that your readers can 'grab' it for their blog. 

Have you ever wanted to leave a blog comment on a blogspot blog that is actually clickable, learn how to add a hyperlink to a blog comment so that people can click straight trough to your site. 

Exactly that, let your facebook fan page or profile be automatically updated when you blog.