Stumble Upon Button

Red Roof Croft House Pin Cushion

Add a Stumble upon button to your blog posts!

This little stumble upon button will really help boost your stumbles! It's the little button at the foot of this post with the numbers.

It shows a live count of the number of stumblers that have visited your site - I added it about an hour ago and I'm loving seeing the numbers leap up.  Apparently the first 15 are just robots (no need for alarm, that's normal).

It's easy to add the code, you just need to amend one tiny bit of html in your template.  Follow the instructions here to add the code  and get your own stumble button. Just go into your dashboard click Design / Html and use Ctrl + F to find the piece of code to change. (Leave me a comment if you get stuck and I'll help you)

Don't forget to stumble Craft Blog UK! :)