Centralise your Sidebars

Have you got awards, badges and buttons and widgets of all differents shapes and sizes in your blog sidebars? This is a very easy and quick tutorial that has great results on the overall appearance of your blog.

I have recently been offering blog critiques and so far people seem to have been really appreciating my feedback! 

It was during writing the feedback for these blogs that I realised this was such a common issue on blogs, I wrote a post on this last year on my personal blog as I had masses of bits and pieces in the sidebars that began to look very untidy, such as awards, shop badges and the buttons you have to add on from blog directories.

Tutorial - Centralise your Sidebar widgets and Badges

Open up the gadget/widget in your blog layout section or directly from your blog if you have the editing mode (little tools crossed over beside each gadget)

Before all of the html text write <center> and afterwards write </center>  (american spelling)

Click save and you're done.  This works with every gadget where you have added 3rd party html code.

Thanks,  I look forward to seeing you over at the forum for more blog talk!