Top 10 Crafty Ideas for Blog Posts

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10 Brilliant ideas for Craft Bloggers!

Do you have craft bloggers block?

Sometimes our brains turn to mush when it comes to conjuring up a blog post and yet having interesting and readable content is what a great craft blog is all about.  All you need is a few ideas to get you going, as it is  your own unique take on these ideas listed that will make your blog succesful and keep readers hooked

If you have any of your own blog topic ideas that you would like to share, please comment below and do leave a link back to your blog.

Top 10 Blog Post Ideas
  1. Photos - Always carry your camera
    Staring at a blank page can be utterly uninspiring, however staring at a group of photographs that you have taken recently, whether from a day out, a recent craft project or just about anything (although I suggest keeping it clean!) can fill you with ideas for writing.  People love to see your work in progress or a behind the scenes in your craft space / the tools you use. If you are still at a loss just  try to write about the images and what you were doing, thinking and feeling when you took them as if you were sharing them with a friend over a cuppa.  Try and keep your camera to hand as often as possible so you always have some ammunition!

  2. Updates - Look back over old posts for inspiration
    Did you write a post a few weeks, months, years ago that could be revisited?  Open up your post history and scroll through, you will be sure to find something that you could revisit.  It is fascinating to see how time has changed us or the things around us.  For example find your first shop update or craft fair post and see how nervous you were and how much you feel you have grown or moved on (or not as the case may be!).  Also linking back to your own posts can help increase your search engine rankings!

  3. Write posts about the bloggers on your blog rolls
    Visitors that have come to your blog are likely to be interested by the same bloggers as you so why not let them know a little bit about your blogroll choices, why do you enjoy these particular blogs and how did you find them.  Let the blogger in question know you have mentioned their blog - you're readers will be intrigued by your choices and the bloggers you are writing about will be flattered by the publicity. 
  4. Top 10 lists
    Just exactly as I'm doing here, top 10 lists, or lists of any quantity for that matter are really interesting to read as you are forced to make editorial descisions about what to include producing an informative , concise (or humerous) post that you can invite readers to add to by suggesting their own favourite, most useful, prettiest, funniest, best, worst.....  etc the ideas are limitless with this type of post.
  5. Interviews - Other people are fascinating!
    Ask a fellow crafter or blogger if they would be interested in answering a few questions or write a post in a forum requesting candidates for your new interview slots.  Limit the number of questions, probably 6 or less so it doesn't become a chore for the interviewee or too much for the reader to take in.  Try and ask original questions, nothing too personal but something you feel that the readers of your blog may actually be interested in, you will also naturally encourage sharing relevant keywords this way.

  6. Questions - Spark up a debate
    Questions don't have to be reserved for forums, ask away there are masses of talented people and experts that are more than willing to help - the plus side is you may get some great comments and your post becomes a resource.   Be sincere or this will smack of spamming, and if you don't already have a blog readership then post in relevant forums or on twitter/facebook (see this post for where to promote your blog).  Why not invite people to leave links to their own websites, which can often encourage people to comment. If you get no response whatsoever then either edit the post and add links to where you found out the answers to your question or add your own comments with these links, that way it is still a useful post for readers to look back to in your archives.
  7. Answers - Share your expertise
    You may have seen questions that other bloggers have asked in their posts, or that someone has asked in a forum - instead of answering in the forum why not answer on your own blog, flesh it out with some relevant images (or an image from the person who has asked the question by way of a credit) and then post the url of your blog post on the forum or as a blog comment (how to add clickable comments).  "I thought this was such an interesting question I had to write a post about it".  You can incorporate other peoples responses too, as long as you link back to the thread clearly in your post. You'll get traffic to your blog and hopefully you will have helped someone out too, which is a great feeling.
  8. Shop Update - Goals and Achievements
    Shop updates can be extremely interesting and really useful for your online business or your development as a crafter.  If you have ever worked in an office you might be familiar with the dreaded staff meeting first thing on a Monday morning but why not treat yourself to a self indulgent staff meeting for one on whatever day you choose! Use the tip above about revisiting old posts in order to show your progress, address shortcomings and plan for the future.  It makes for great self promotion as long as you don't dwell on anything too negative and try not to make it just an advert for your shop, which can be tedious for regular readers.
  9. Links and Reviews
    Reviews of supply shops, craft sites (like this one!!), social media sites, tv programmes, you tube clips...  the internet is all about information and links so by writing a review of a website you are helping others by giving them your opinion, which if they are following your blog they will probably value.  Search on twitter for interesting sites - you could then ask the owner of the site if they would be willing to comment on your post which would add credibility to your review.

  10. Regular Posts 
    Think about something that you can blog about week after week, but don't bite off more than you can chew and don't beat yourself up if you skip a week.  If you are part of a group of bloggers doing the same regular post then add links to their posts and make sure you let them know you have. Link to these regular posts in your sidebars or navigation bar below your blog header, people can easily find the post types that interest them most and see that you blog about these subjects regularly. Make sure you are consistent with labelling regular posts.

I hope you have enjoyed these 10 blogging tips and that you now feel you have an armoury of ideas to spice up your blog.

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If you have time and you now have too many ideas whirling around your brain then I would suggest at least writing the title and maybe one line outlining what you want your post to be about in a draft post(s). This is also a good idea if you feel a post is veering off the subject, just copy and paste that section into a new post for the time being and get back to the topic to hand.  They can remain as a draft post for as long as you like, but will be there waiting for you when you sit at the laptop with a blank expression next time! (The majority of my posts start life this way, including this one)

Thanks for reading, please add your comments and links below - I read, visit and appreciate them all!
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