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Blogging - To blog or not to blog?

Should I start a blog... ?

Not everyone has the desire to spend their precious crafting time in front of a screen but I would recommend blogging as a positive and motivational tool.  I would also add to those worried about the technical side, you needn't worry, blogging platforms such as  blogger are exceptionally user friendly and aimed at computer novices.  If you come across anything you are unsure of there are masses of websites and blogs just like this one, that offer easy to understand tutorials and tips on every aspect of blogging.

Do I have the time or confidence to start a blog?

 A blog is relatively simple to set up ( try it!) and needn't take up masses of your time - just an hour or so a week or one or two blog posts is enough to start to build a small network of friends and followers. The more time you spend promoting the better but it is content that is the most important aspect of blogging.
"I'm terrible at self promotion, and lack confidence to be able to openly talk about my crafts let alone sell them"
Sound familiar? Once you begin blogging, your confidence will naturally grow with each comment and new follower. Crafters use blogging as a way to focus creative energies and motivate themselves to finish projects. Offering up your latest projects for discussion and receiving feedback can be enormously rewarding and inspiring and help give you the confidence to talk more freely about your own crafts.

Sometimes our nearest and dearest don't share a passion for sewing or crochet, so to find a network of like minded people without having to leave the house can be alot of fun, surprisingly sociable and give you the ability to express yourself more than on a forum.  Talking about your blog rather than your shop is a nice indirect way of introducing your 'real life' friends and aquaintances to all your lovely creations without making it seem like a hard sell!

Nest Egg Basket

Will a blog help my craft business?

A blog can be a great way of publicising your craft business, adding an interesting background to your online shop.  Most craft blog readers are fellow crafts people, many of whom have blogs of their own and enjoy creating treasuries and doing features on other crafters or swapping 'blog badges'

These little snippets of publicity may at first seem fairly insignificant, but are in fact hugely helpful in building the online presence of your business, allowing search engines to find you and your products more easily and bringing custom to your shops.   Imagine shopping on your local high street and finding every other shop had a poster up with a picture of you and directions to your shop or the local craft fair you were attending on the weekend - and they did this for free just because they liked you and your stuff and wanted to make their own shop look good.  Not only would this increase the number of visitors but it would also add desirability and credibility to your business.

Bottles - after

This sort of blog to blog publicity is free and with more and more people using the internet to shop, every positive referral and link that points to your shop or your own blog will help to get your online business noticed.  Read this post about how you can use your blog content to reach your target market.

So if you want to start a blog or if you need some tips to get a neglected blog back from the brink then please check take a look at all the practical blogging tips available on this crafters resource blog!  thanks for reading - please contact me if you would like to add your blog to the listings and the blog rolls. 

I'd also love to hear from you all about your own experiences of starting up your blog - if you would like to write a blog post about how blogging has helped you gain confidence or find new customers then please let me know and I will add a link here.  Or why not simply leave a comment!

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  1. I'm Chicita and I started a blog just before New Year. I have found it is bringing in potential customers to both my Folksy and Zibbet shops. It consists of tutorials, my crafting successes and failures, some new item listings and some humorous moments too.

  2. Great post Hilary (got it right this time!)

    I started my blog before Christmas and I love it! It is a great way to get your stuff "out there" plus it feels like my own little domain. I write about my jewellery, other Folksy sellers, my cats, chocolate(!) and wirework tips plus anything else I think might be of interest. It's great to be able to comment on other people's blogs and receive comments yourself and it' amazing how quickly your followers list builds up. In all I think blogs are a good way to express yourself and your personality :D

  3. I love my blog - I think it's important to enjoy blogging, otherwise you won't be motivated and probably won't be that interesting! Blogs which are only advertising vehicles don't interest me, but I read and enjoy all sorts of blogs by all sorts of people.

  4. I've just started a blog - it was amazing how long it took to decide on an 'identity'. But once I did I felt really proud and that in itself has given me confidence. It's more time consuming that I'd anticipated, but this is far outweighted by the satisfaction I get from becoming more involved in the blogosphere and communicating with other bloggers and crafters. I love it! Jen x

  5. I started my blog at the end of Jan'10 ~ really love it! I'm quite a shy person and have always found it difficult to talk to people I don't know well. Blogging really helps ~ I hope to improve as I go. Selling crafts is a hobby ~ but it introduced me to blogging and lately I've been doing more of that than crafting! Yikes!

  6. Looking forward to reading about the new adventures in blogland! I do love my blog and hundreds of others I read! I'm still learning new tricks and really enjoy having a space where I can bring my various creative interests together and which is not just a shop.

  7. I love blogs and seeing what people are up to in their studios. You get to see all the good bits that you wouldn't do so otherwise, plus i'm very nosey so I think it's great. However I did find it a bit hard at first to open up on my blog, but it gets easier the more I do. So i'll keep posted for any tips you can offer. I'm hoping to add lots more images to my flickr site soon so feel free to use any in future. Kirsten x


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